Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A long time UPDATING

Well - a little update - we will be returning to Barrow on Friday of this week - We are so so excited. !!!! I called Alaska airlines and changed our tickets for Friday - however they messed up and have us flying out on different times - so I guess a 7 year old is suppose to travel herself. This should be interesting!!! I am so excited to return home and start stamping - I have missed it so... Thanks for checking me out every now and then...

This is one of the side views of my home in Oregon - we are so excited. We are also so excited to return to Barrow - we have missed it so... Of course we have missed our wonderful husband and father - we have been apart for longer than I would wish on any marriage.. I miss him so...


  1. Welcome back to Barrow - I will be there Friday myself.

    I know about being the absent husband and father, too. Glad you are all back together, now.